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Aloha Beach Tin Candles

Aloha Beach Tin Candles

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Our Aloha Candle is crafted from 6oz of coconut wax and brings a warm, tropical scent to any room. Our specially blended waxes offer a slower, cleaner burn and enhanced scent, providing a balance of ambiance and aroma. Made with the perfect combination to have you reminiscing of sitting on the beach.


Aloha: Perfectly infused with Pineapple, Mango and Coconut Milk 

Waikiki Beach: A fresh, beachy blend of island coconut breeze over the sunswept white sands of Waikiki

Shoreline: Salty ocean breeze with a hint of mystique. It's a complex fragrance with mineral-rich sea salt.

Plumeria: A popular flower used for Hawaiian leis, plumeria is a uniquely sweet and juicy smelling flower

6oz tin will burn for burn time for 16-20 hours. Coconut wax is a slower burn giving you a longer lasting fragrance.

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